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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fun with Polka Dots!

I've been working in some more vibrant colors and having a little fun being creative.
I had an old brass chandelier that came out of one of these track homes around here along with some "ho-hum" plain old windsor chairs. 
Take a look at what I did and enjoy the magic!

The 3 Chairs are $85 each & the Chandelier is $160
All of these items are available at my new Shop called
Frou Frou Galore in Old Town Spring!
It's a Crafters MarketPlace so it's chock-full of talent from all the people that create & sell their things.
I wouldn't have known about this place if it weren't for a fellow blogger & person who appreciates all things homemade at
Farmhouse Porch, thanks! Lindsey.

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