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Monday, March 12, 2012

Extra Extra.. Read all About it.. Paper Dresser!

Fantastic Paper Dresser
Hand-Painted Shabby & Chippy in an Antique White with Vintage Looking Paper on the Drawer Fronts. 
Drawers have been Sealed to protect that Wonderful Paper.
Vintage Looking Glass Knobs are perfect for this Antique Oak Charmer with 4 Drawers.
Great for a Hallway Accent Piece, Guest Bedroom or addition to a child's room.  Oh, & it does have a locking mechanism on the top drawer but is missing the key.

Measurements - 3ft Tall x 16 1/2" Deep x 29" Wide
Price:  $320
Contact me at: or Available for Purchase in OLD Town Spring at
Frou Frou Galore Shop

I couldn't decide what to do with this little dresser until I saw this fantastic paper at the craft store. 
 I loved the antique-iness that the paper already had.  Old news ads..layered old typewriter font.. just really Cool!

I've had this piece done for several weeks now & was just waiting for the Vintage-Looking glass knobs that I like to use on the Antique-Makeovers to get it in.  I was at the store today & they finally restocked! .. I snatched up every one of these & quickly rushed home to put together the finished look.  So Excited to share...

Painted the sides in a Chalky distressed Black.  The the drawer fronts so much Character that the plain white sides looked just that...Plain.

Nothing is Normal or Easy with any Make-Over that I do.  Every piece has "baggage" and some problems I have to troubleshoot and this one was no different.  The dresser was old & needed lots of cleaning up so I painted the drawers inside & OUT.  I slide the nice clean drawers back in their place, anxious to see the progress & guess what??.. STUCK!!  I finally got them all out & because they slide wood-on-wood I took my trusty side kick (Power Sander) & zipped all the paint off, then waxed all those spots by rubbing canning/jelly wax that you can get at the grocery store.  I am happy to report that all that worked!

Chippy distressed top with accent piece along back to tie in the sides.

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