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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Antique Writing Desk in French Blue

Refinished in Aged-Vintage Style in Pale Stone Bleu with pretty Vintage-look glass knobs.

W:42" x D:21" x T:28"

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The original small metal pulls were dull & boring with no character.  I found these vintage-look knobs which enhance the small drawers perfectly.  I gently sanded around all the curved details to highlight the beauty of all the wonderful scroll work.

I wanted to keep the inside drawers of the piece its original aged patina.  I thoroughly cleaned them & sealed in its age which was a nice finishing touch to give them a subtle shine and clean feel.
When I picked up this desk it had some stuff rattling around in the drawers.  I opened the bottom drawer to find someones personal items.. boxes of old wax matches from ITALY, and old typewriter eraser with brush, old stamps, keys, several old rulers & old, old negatives of christmas pictures with tree & children!

With a nice Sable Brush I trimmed the edges in an Old White & gently sanded to let the blue come through. 
I rubbed in a wonderful French Wax all over the piece which richened the pale dusty blue & gave the paint more dimension along with protecting the Vintage Finish.

Imagine all the old-fashioned Letter writing that went on at this desk!

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