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Saturday, November 26, 2011

...The Stockings were Hung by the Chimney with Care

A few years back it was Christmas time & my friend was getting ready for Christmas day.  For some reason I decided to do a sewing blitz & made her whole family new Christmas Stockings in the middle of the night for her Christmas Day to hang on the Mantle.  It was in a pinch.. hasty & no plans so I drew a rough pattern on a Brown paper Sack & dumped out my box of scrap fabrics.  Lots were small irregular cut samples from the fabric shop plus scraps & pieces from projects.  I used what I had on hand & came up with some fun presents!

And Even "Thigh-High" Stockings!
The Hot Pink & Aqua Blue pair were gifts for a Newlywed couple for their 1st Christmas.. the girl I used to babysit when she was little & now she's married.
The above stockings were also a gift for a friend & her husband.

I made these for my neighbors twin girls & found the picture frame ornament to sew to each one.
The can  put their school picture in it or a fun holiday photo to tell whos is whos.
The Stocking below was made for their dad & you can tell what he likes.
With so much extra fabric around here with snipits & scraps.. I was still in the spirit of sewing & crafting so I pressed on in the sweatshop of my upstairs gameroom.

They are all $75 with the exception of the "crown royal" stocking being a little bit more.  A lot of crown drinking had to go down for that animals were harmed or minors involved.




The Red Stockings below are named "My Favorite Red Velvet Jacket"
I had this beautiful vintage Red velvet holiday Jacket.  I was looking for some pretty fabric around the house & saw it hanging in my upstairs closet.  Believe it or not I was able to get 5 full-size stocking out of that little jacket.  Hardly a scrap went to waste! I adorned each with vintage-looking buttons & every one has a piece of this pretty oriental fabric I couldn't resist. 
Try to see what part of the jacket is in each!!



 Enjoy the Photos & have a cup of Hot Mocha Coffee!!

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