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Friday, February 3, 2012

Rustic Burnished-Red Pedestal Table

Burnish Red Pedestal Table
Hand-Rubbed French Wax Finish with Aged Coloring.
It's a simple table but the colors add a casual richness to it & the castors along with the distressed top make it so darn functional! Its split for a leaf but did not come with it.
Measures 42" across & 29" tall.
PRICE:  $380
Contact me at or is
available for Purchase at Frou Frou Galore in Old Town Spring!

I had a hard time capturing the true color along with the dark rich brown patina that was hand rubbed into the finish.
First of all I'm working with a camera thats at least 10years old!..I took several shots so you can see for yourself.  It's actually a tricky piece because sometimes the color looks bold & rich while at other times as the sun changes in my house the color looks more subtle and "cognacy".

This table was not made with a Varnish or Stain Finish.. I poured layer after layer of stripper & the finish didn't even budge.  I figured out that this sucker was coated in plastic!!.. are you kidding me??!! yes, PLASTIC!!  I had to power-sand with like 40 grit to literally burn thru rubber!  This actually created a unique "butcher-blocky" look & then when I stained it, it reminded me of when you take a torch to wood to give it a dark "charry" rustic look. So it actually grew on me & I think it looks GReaT!

I can see this table going in someone's GameRoom or would make a Pretty Kitchen Table with dark chocolate walls possibly a Bachelor's table that even the ladies would adore. A perfect starter table for small space or apartment even.  Just think if you brought it to the office..a nice workspace & place to meet at.  Can easily be pushed over to the side or rearranged.

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