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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I used to sew Frankensteins Lips & stitch xx's for Eyes when I was an Old Sewing Table!
But Look at me NOW!!
Just $225
at Frou Frou Galore in OLD TOWN SPRING.  We accept Credit Cards & we also have Layaway!  You can also Find, & LIKE Houston Faux on Facebook!

The old Heavy insides that held the sewing machine were removed.  The solid wood side that flips over as a workstation was retrofitted to be the new top for this Cutie Table.  Fun Knobs were added.  The curved front allows for a chair.. after-all it was a an old sewing table so it was made to sit at!  Add your own mirror for an instant Primp & Make-up station!

Nothing Fancy! So you can see the Pretty Color!
If you had seen this table before, I did change the name from the "Beetlejuice" Table to "EDWARD ScissorHANDS". More fitting, considering it was an old Sewing Table.

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